Rumman Raees Interview: July 2017

Rumman Raees Interview

Exclusive Mini-interview with Rumman Raees – The Prince

Top Pakistan: Which format do you think you’re best at?
Rumman: I feel I have enough skills in the bag to succeed in limited overs cricket but the ultimate aim is to play Test Cricket

Top Pakistan: Which Cricketer inspires you that you started playing cricket?
Rumman: The one and only Wasim bhai. He truly is my inspiration.

Top Pakistan: One word for Shahid Afridi?
Rumman: BOOM!

Shadab Khan: Who do you think is the best bowler in world cricket currently?
Rumman: Right now I would say Starc.

Top Pakistan: Rumman, your best moment of Champions Trophy 2017?
Rumman: When I wore the white blazer, we had imagined wearing it and it was a dream come true.

Top Pakistan: How did you feel when you got your first international wicket of Alex Hales during CT2017?
Rumman: Satisfaction

Top Pakistan: From where did you get “The BOSS Celebration”?
Rumman: I guess it’s something natural, I just want to enjoy the moment in my own way.

Top Pakistan: You best teammate?
Rumman: I personally get along with all of them but Shadab Khan is a close friend.

Top Pakistan: What is your favourite food?
Rumman: Grilled Fish! Stay Healthy :p

Top Pakistan (Most Voted Question): What were your thoughts, how did you feel when you received the Pakistan Cricket Uniform. It must’ve been special?
Rumman: It was a proud moment

Mirza Farhan: How excited were you when you got the news that tou will make your ODI Debut in CT semi finals?
Rumman: Can’t even explain the feeling.

Top Pakistan: Apki sbse favourite wicket?
Rumman: Chris Gayle and B.Mac.

Top Pakistan: Favourite moment of Ct Final?
Rumman: Amir’s spell.

Top Pakistan: Some words for Imad Wasim and the exchange of words in PSL?
Rumman: Friends off the field, opponents on it, that’s just how professional sport is.

Top Pakistan: One word for the legend, Younis Khan.
Rumman: What you said, LEGEND.

Top Pakistan: Have you given a name to your celebration?
Rumman: I did, but the team management version is better, they call it TheRaees.

Top Pakistan: Who is the toughest bowler you have bowled to?
Rumman: KP! (Kevin Pieterson).

Top Pakistan: Messi or Ronaldo?
Rumman: Wasim Akram :p , Jokes aside I like Ronaldo.

Top Pakistan: Your favourite all-rounder?
Rumman: Kallis

Rana Ali: Which is the best win for you? PSL or CT?
Rumman: Honestly both, 1 gave me my big break & other was a dream come true.

Top Pakistan: One word for Shoaib Malik?
Rumman: Motivational.

Top Pakistan: Your favourite place in the world?
Rumman: Hunza Valley/

Top Pakistan: What do you think, who is the most dangerous batsman in the world rightnow?
Rumman: David Warner

Top Pakistan: Shalwar Qameez or pant-shirt?
Rumman: Shalwar Qameez apna hai.

Top Pakistan: Best moment of PSL.
Rumman: Running on the field when we won PSL.

Top Pakistan: How is your relation with Sarfraz Ahmed?
Rumman: Brotherly <3

Top Pakistan: One word for your fans…
Rumman: Love.

Thank you very much Rumman for taking time and talking to Top Pakistan with Muhammad Ahad. We appreciate everyone who took time to read this interview. We hope to get more interviews like such soon. Stay TUNED!

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