Those two deliveries to Virat Kohli in CT finals changed my image in UK: Mohammad Amir

Pakistan’s super star, Mohammad Amir said he is happy with his performance since his return to international cricket. He also mentioned it was very difficult for him to make a comeback after not being in any action 5 years. The pacer also told ESPNcricinfo he bowled the second most number of overs last year. He also thanked the Almighty for keeping him fit as he was away for 5 years.

He tooled ESPN’s respect host that the two deliveries he bowled against Virat Kohli in Champions Trophy earlier this year changed his image in English conditions. Virat Kohli was dropped on the first occasion, was caught by Shadab the very next ball.

“Those two deliveries, the first one which Azhar (Bhai) dropped kohli’s catch and the next ball where I claimed his wicket changed my image in UK” said Amir. “When I was walking back to my bowling mark after the dropped catch, I was thinking that we have lost half the final now”.

He also said that he hasn’t lost any swing in his bowling, and it’s the non-friendly pitches not helping him turn the ball. Amir feels he is available in all the three formats of the game.

Would he have Long Hair once again?

The answer is NO! unfortunately. “I can’t have those long hair back, at that time didn’t even have a beard, now he does” he said in a sarcastic way.

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